in Silver and Gold. Pearl Bracelets and Matching Earrings.

Bracelets, like earrings are an often an overlooked accessory. This little gem can work with most any outfit. Perhaps a bracelet with birthstones and diamonds? At Hegeman & Co., we will show you a multitude of jewelry options for all occasions. We offer custom design and craftsmanship on nearly any style in our jewelry store.

pearl jewelry

Hegeman & CO., has a variety of cultured, farm grown and even black pearls. Come on in and we will make a special set of earrings or necklace. Pearls earrings start at $59.99


silver jewelry, charm bracelets

Choose a sterling silver charm bracelet for graduation, birthday or anniversary gift. Silver bracelets starting at $59.00


Hegeman & Co., offers a wide selection of bracelets.

providence jewelry store

providence jewelry store

We have a fine assortment of diamond and gold bracelets starting from $999.00