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WEDDING RINGS and Matching Wedding Rings.
Everyone wants to look their absolute best on the big wedding day. At Hegeman & Co., we can explain many of the wedding options for jewelry including pearls and sparkling diamond engagement and wedding rings! Wedding earrings and matching necklaces are also very much in demand.

There are so many options to choose from when purchasing wedding bands and rings. These items come in many different colors, styles and materials. For those individuals who are learning what options are available - Hegeman & Co., should be your first stop. Our quiet shop is the perfect place to learn.



We'll take the time to explain all the various options from style and matching bands to exquisite diamond combinations and design options. We offer a unique selection of wedding bands and rings. From traditional heavy rounded gold men's wedding bands to beautiful diamond wedding rings in various designs.


Please make an appointment to view our Wedding Rings and Wedding Bands

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Wedding Bands in Gold,
Platinum and White Gold

Hegeman & Co., has a large selection of gold, platinum and white gold wedding rings and bands. We always have samples on hand and offer free ring sizing. Let us show you our large selection of rings and precious metals for your wedding day.