Love Knots: A Brief History of the Promise Ring

A Love Knot ring symbolizes a knot that is not quite tied, yet has all the intentions of being tied. Much like a promise, this is why it is a type of promise ring.

Promise rings date back to the old days of betrothals. Betrothals go back as far as Biblical times. They were a public announcement followed by a contract for marriage, making them legally binding. At the betrothal ceremony, the future groom would give his future bride a betrothal ring as a sign of good faith. The rings were typically plain until the eighth century, when Jewish jewelers starting making more elaborate rings.

Furthermore, Roman brides wore promise rings during the 2nd century BC as a symbol of a promise of marriage, since law stated that couples must wait a certain period of time from announcing an intention to marry to the ceremony itself.

Double love knot ring in solid 14k yellow gold. The large is size 8.25 with a price of $830 and the small is size 6 with a price of $505.

love knot trio (1 of 1)

From left to right: small double love knot ring, large double love knot ring, single love knot ring.

The association of knots with the symbolism of love, friendship, and affection dates back to antiquity. Throughout the last few centuries, though, they’ve most commonly been regarded as a symbol of the connection between two lovers. This particular type, often called the “true lover’s knot”, was a popular ring style for sailors separated from their beloved. It’s made by interlocking two overhand knots in two parallel wires, so each one is flexible to move about the other, yet they’re inseparable forever.

Different from the single love knot ring, the double love knot ring features a split shank. 

Are you making any promises to yourself? Many people choose to wear a promise ring as a symbol of abstinence from things other than sex, including smoking, drinking, drugs, or another type of substance abuse or negative influence. The ring is both a reminder to resist temptation and a symbol of their promise to themselves.

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Hegeman & Co. has one small love knot ring, one large love knot ring, and two single love knot rings (size 6 with a price of $270) currently in stock.

Whether it’s for a personal reason or a partner, there are many reasons to wear a promise ring – consider a love knot ring for you or your loved one this holiday season.

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