September Birthstone (Sapphire)

Roses are red, sapphires are blue, but did you know they come in other colors too?  As you can see from our collection here at Hegeman & Co., they come in all kinds of fun colors, not just blue.  

IMG_1448Top to bottom: 18k yellow gold contour band with one princess cut pink sapphire bezel set in white gold. Size 6.5 and priced at $1300.  18k yellow gold contour band with one princess cut blue sapphire bezel set in white gold with one round brilliant cut diamond on each side. Size 6.5 and priced at $1700.  18k yellow gold contour band with one bezel set princess cut emerald. Size 6.5 and priced at $1400. (Yes we know it’s not sapphire but we love it so much we couldn’t leave it out).

The word sapphire is actually derived from the Greek work sappheiros, which most agree means blue.  Sapphires have been adored for centuries, especially by royalty. Their history and lore dates all the way back to 800 BC.  Ancient Persians believed the color of the sky came from the reflection of sapphires.

IMG_1399_Facetune_29-08-2019-15-46-5914k white gold pendant with one 1.94ct 4-prong set blue oval sapphire with double bail.  Priced at $850. Chain sold separately.

 In ancient Greece and Rome kings and queens believed that a sapphire could protect its owner from envy and harm.  During the middle ages, men of the clergy often wore blue sapphires, which for them symbolized heaven.  Sapphire was the stone of choice and considered to be the most appropriate when it came to ecclesiatical rings.  Many people of that time believed that the stone would bring heavenly blessings to its owner when worn.  In other places and times, the stone was thought to protect chastity, make peace among enemies, influence spirits, and reveal the secrets of oracles.  

IMG_1395_Facetune_29-08-2019-14-40-56Platinum matte ring with one 2.6ct bezel set blue sapphire. Size 6.75 and priced at $6500.

The stone’s popularity never really went away, but the association of the stone with royalty and romance was reinforced in 1981 when Prince Charles gave Lady Diana Spencer a blue sapphire engagement ring; then again when the stone was passed down to their son Prince William.  He used that same sapphire ring to propose to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, in 2010.

14k yellow gold foiled ring with one 1.8ct 8-prong set rectangular cushion diamond and one 3-prong set round yellow sapphire on each side. Size 6.25 and priced at $2600.

There have been many famous stones in the history of Sapphire, but the Museum of Natural History is home to one of the most famous sapphires in the world, The Star of India.  At an impressive 563 carats, The Star of India is the largest gem-quality blue sapphire known in the entire world and around 2 billion years old.  The name comes from the effect that the mineral rutile has on the stone.  The stone reflects incoming light in a star like pattern, an effect commonly known as asterism.  


Star of India Sapphire from the Museum of Natural History in New York

Sapphire, like ruby, is part of the corundum family of minerals.  The only difference between ruby and sapphire is color.  The details of formation change in each country. Some rubies and sapphires are found in high-grade metamorphic rocks and in igneous rocks, called gneisses and granulites, located in Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, and eastern Africa.  In most cases, they formed at depths of 6–18 miles in the earth’s crust, as intense pressures and high temperatures above 800 degrees transformed sedimentary rocks, such as siltstones and shale.

IMG_1443_Facetune_30-08-2019-14-53-1114k white gold stud earring with one 1.36ct 4-prong set purple round sapphire. Priced at $1790.

Sapphires are said to increase communication with spirit guides and angels.  They help manifest one’s life purpose and focus as well as growth of the soul.  Psychologically, sapphires help maintain inner peace, making them great stones for stabilizing one’s mental state.  They help with the calming of nerves, by helping with focus and concentration.  They have been used as remedies for mental and nervous disorders.

IMG_1419_Facetune_30-08-2019-10-57-1314k white gold necklace with one 4-prong set blue oval sapphire, one 4-prong set princess cut diamond, one 4-prong set pink oval sapphire, one 4-prong set princess cut diamond, one 4-prong set yellow square cushion cut sapphire, one 2-prong set baguette diamond, and one 3-prong set blue pear shaped sapphire. Priced at $2800.

Sapphires are also said to help with motivation and promote a positive attitude towards life.  When it comes to physical powers, they are said to help cool fevers and sharpen eyesight.  One ancient recipe for eyesight was to powder the stone and mix it with vinegar.  They also used this same recipe to treat nosebleeds.  In ancient times they also believed the stone could treat boils and external ulcers.  They would grind the stone with milk to form a paste, they would then apply the paste to the afflicted area.

IMG_1437_Facetune_30-08-2019-14-30-4514k white gold stud earring with one 2ct 4-prong set orange oval sapphire with 3 2-prong set diamond cluster on top. Priced at $775.

Sapphires are said to be prized just under the level of diamonds because of their hardness. Diamonds are listed as a 10 in terms of hardness, sapphires have a rating of 9.  The attribute of hardness of the sapphire makes it a perfect choice for jewelry that needs to stand up to everyday wear.

IMG_1416_Facetune_30-08-2019-10-19-4318k white gold key pendant with six 4-prong set round brilliant cut diamonds, one 6-prong set blue round sapphire, and six 4-prong set baguette diamonds. Priced at $1250.

Because sapphires are very hard and sturdy, they are relatively low maintenance when it comes to cleaning and storage.  They can be cleaned with an ultrasonic, steamer, or with warm soapy water.  Although they are hard and you don’t really have to worry about other stones damaging a sapphire, they should still be kept separately in a felt bag or cloth so they do not damage other stones.

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IMG_1397_Facetune_29-08-2019-14-48-2014k yellow gold ring with one 1.5ct bezel set blue round sapphire. Size 6.75 and priced at $1575.


IMG_1441_Facetune_30-08-2019-14-46-2114k white gold stud earring with one 1.71ct 4-prong set pink round sapphire. Priced at $790.


IMG_1423_Facetune_30-08-2019-11-26-3714k white gold stud earring with one 1.88ct 4-prong set pink oval sapphire with 3 2-prong set diamond cluster on top. Priced at $875.


IMG_144614k white gold necklace with a two-tone channel set rainbow of sapphires. Priced at $1300.


IMG_137618k yellow gold bypass ring with 5 channel set yellow princess cut sapphires on each side and one yellow bezel set cabochon cut sapphire on each end. Size 6.75 and priced at $1050. 


IMG_1370_Facetune_30-08-2019-15-13-5914k white gold butterfly ring with yellow, blue, and pink bezel set/prong set round sapphires. Size 7 and priced at $325. 


IMG_1470_Facetune_04-09-2019-14-29-05Blue round sapphire and diamond channel set bands. Top: 18k yellow gold. Size 4.25 and priced at $1083. Bottom: 14k yellow gold. Size 5.75 and priced at $850.


IMG_1472_Facetune_04-09-2019-14-42-03Blue princess cut sapphire and diamond channel set bands. Top: 18k white gold with millegrain detail. Size 6.5 and priced at $3425. Bottom: 14k white gold. Size 7.5 and priced at $4500.


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