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Meet with experts equipped to accurately price and purchase your estate jewelry, conveniently located on South Main St.

Friday and Saturday

Look out for our estate buying event later this year

361 South Main Street
Providence, RI 02903

If you’d like to make an appointment feel free to do so, otherwise stop in and we will be here to help!

Our storefront has been a significant hub for buying and selling jewelry in Providence, since 1970. Our experts use the latest industry technology paired with 50 years of experience, in order to provide you with a fair and accurate appraisal of your vintage, antique or modern estate jewelry. We understand the intrinsic and sentimental value of your jewelry.

It’s important to find a qualified buyer to handle your estate jewelry, and we understand that the valuation process can be an overwhelming experience. Your jewelry will be best taken care of at a knowledgeable estate jewelry buyer. We will employ our longstanding knowledge along with input from our resident graduate Gemologist to evaluate your piece. Located right on South Main St., our experts at Hegeman & Co. will make the process as simple as possible while ensuring your get a proper price for your special pieces.

We are looking for diamonds and gemstones of all kinds

Fine Jewelry Men’s Jewelry
Antique JewelrySterling silver
Watches Gold & Platinum

Jewelry We Buy:






Brooches / Pins,

Watches / Watch Bracelets

At Hegeman & Company we make sure to take into account the many facets that make your piece valuable. We look at intrinsic value and condition specific to each to determine its value.

Intrinsic Value

At Hegeman & Co. we primarily take intrinsic value into account when determining the price of jewelry. We meticulously measure the carat and karat weight of your gems and metal to calculate intrinsic or the raw secondary market value of metal.

Stone Grading standards

We assess whether the stones are natural, synthetic, or faux and adhere to accepted GIA grading standards & formulas in our calculation of weights. We will determine specifications for each and every estate piece by performing GIA gemologist certified tests on stones and x-ray testing of the metal to verify quality without damaging the item with filling marks & acid testing.


The amount of wear evident in any piece of jewelry will affect its value. If pieces are kept in pristine conditions that will be reflected in its value.

Problem areas

Problem areas that we most often see in estate pieces tend to be broken or heavily worn prongs. In this case, stones tend to be loose in their settings and at risk of falling out. Other proof of wear include chipped or missing gemstones, use of lead solder in repair / restoration, and misshapen pieces.



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Estate Buying Event

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